Welcome to Rocky Corner

Love where you live

Imagine coming home every day to a community where every neighbor is a familiar face and everyone has chosen to live in a cooperative, sustainable manner. That’s the promise of Rocky Corner, Connecticut’s first co-housing community. Rocky Corner is part of an international movement called cohousing, and our community is coalescing now around goals including living sustainably and affordably, knowing our neighbors, honoring private space and sharing community resources.

GH_Rendering_v1Rocky Corner is a new community of 30 homes being built in Bethany, about a 20-minute drive from downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Green Haven Inc. has created Rocky Corner as a cohousing community, where most people own their homes but share 33 acres and a large common house and manage the neighborhood as a group. Some rental units will be available and Rocky Corner offers some units designated as affordable housing under state law.

At Rocky Corner, we want to return to the spirit of neighborhoods past, where neighbors help neighbors. We also want to live sustainably—to use fewer resources and share more.

Our Homes

The 30 homes at Rocky Corner will be brand new. Some features:

  • Energy-saving and compact
  • One- to three-bedroom homes
  • Customizable features and layout
  • Room to garden
  • Nearby parking and storage
  • Affordable housing subsidies available

Our Community

IMG_3996Rocky Corner welcomes families of all races, ages, shapes and sizes. We’re also designing Rocky Corner to accommodate a full-scale organic farm, to be managed by interested community members. Some features of our neighborhood:

  • Walkable
  • Lots of green space
  • Working farm to supply some food needs
  • Accessible to people with disabilities
  • Common house with shared facilities: kitchen, dining and gathering spaces, workshop, arts spaces
  • Located in top school district (Amity)
  • Efficient and transparent management by the residents

Join Us!

Rocky Corner is in the planning stages right now—join us!

You can be a part of this exciting effort by signing up today. Take action:

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  • Email questions to welcome@rockycorner.org
  • Ask now about an upcoming meeting or event